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tags: hirundo a109 aw109 agusta italy Military Utility Terrestrial






Commercial designation:


Technical designation:


Version, Variant:




Currently produced:


Typical missions:

Military Utility Terrestrial

Flight conditions:


First flight:


Landing system:


Blades number:


Tail blades number:



MTOW with external loads:

3000 kg

6615 lbs

MTOW with only internal loading:

3000 kg

6615 lbs

Empty weight:

1970 kg

4343.85 lbs

External payload:

0 kg

0 lbs

Internal payload:

1330 kg

2932.65 lbs

Standard fuel tank:

557 kg

1228.185 lbs

with optionnal external fuel tank:

0 kg

0 lbs


Cruise speed:

283 km/h

152.82 kt

Maximum cruise speed:

0 km/h

0 kt


311 km/h

167.94 kt

Max negative g @ MTOW:

0 g

Max positive g @ MTOW:

0 g

Range with normal tanks:

926 km

500.04 nm

Max range with auxiliary external tanks:

0 km

0 nm

Max endurance @ min consumption speed:

04:46:00 h:min

Rate of climb @ SL:

8.64 m/s

1700.352 ft/min

Rate of climb @ SL @MTOW:

0 m/s

0 ft/min

IGE max hovering altitude, MTOW:

5335 m

17498.8 ft

IGE max hovering altitude, empty:

0 m

0 ft

IGE max hovering altitude, ISA+20°C, MTOW:

0 m

0 ft

IGE max hovering altitude, ISA+20°C, empty:

0 m

0 ft

OGE max hovering altitude, MTOW:

3505 m

11496.4 ft

OGE max hovering altitude, empty:

0 m

0 ft

OGE max hovering altitude, ISA+20°C, MTOW:

0 m

0 ft

OGE max hovering altitude, ISA+20°C, empty:

0 m

0 ft

Service ceiling ISA, MTOW:

6096 m

19994.88 ft

Max operating altitude, empty weight:

0 m

0 ft

Highest use Temperature:

50 °C

90 °F

Lowest use Temperature:

-40 °C

-72 °F


APU in HC:

Engine manufacturer:

Pratt & Whitney



Engines quantity:


Powerplant category:


Main rotor rotation speed:

384 rpm

Fuel consumption @ SL @ max continuous speed:

0 kg/kW/h

0 lbs/hp/h

Minimum consumption speed @ SL:

0 km/h

0 kt

Fuel consumption @ eco cruise speed @SL:

0 kg/h

0 lbs/h

Fuel consumption @ min consumption speed @ SL:

0 kg/h

0 lbs/h

Engines nominal power:

908 kW

1233.972 hp

Transmission shaft max continuous power:

671 kW

911.889 hp

Transmission shaft max power:

477 kW

648.243 hp

Takeoff power 5 min:

1060 kW

1440.54 hp

OEI 30s power:

0 kW

0 hp

OEI 2min power:

0 kW

0 hp

OEI max continuous power :

0 kW

0 hp

OEI max continuous transmission power:

0 kW

0 hp

OEI 30 sec transmission power:

477 kW

648.243 hp

OEI 2 min transmission power:

477 kW

648.243 hp


Overall length:

12.94 m

42.4432 ft

Rotor diameter:

10.83 m

35.5224 ft

Tail rotor diameter:

1.94 m

6.3632 ft

Fuselage length:

11.45 m

37.556 ft

Overall height:

3.4 m

11.152 ft

Main rotor blades chord:

0 m

0 ft

Tail rotor blades chord:

0 m

0 ft

Mast tilt angle:

0 °


Noise at flyover, level:

88 dB EPNL

Noise at flyover, limit:

89 dB EPNL

Noise at takeoff, level:

91 dB EPNL

Noise at takeoff, limit:

91 dB EPNL

Noise at landing, level:

92 dB EPNL

Noise at landing, limit:

94 dB EPNL

crew and pax



Max pax number:



Average price:

0 $

left side

AgustaWestland LUH A109 LUH

water fall

AgustaWestland LUH A109 LUH